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Evolution archery is an activity where participants use bows and foam-tipped arrows to engage in mock battle.


The gameplay is very similar to dodgeball. The basic game has 2 opposing teams and each goes to one side of the arena.


On the referee's call, both teams run to the centre of the arena, collect as many arrows as they can and run for cover.


Players load their arrows and try to hit a player on the opposing team.


You can dodge, hide behind obstacles or crouch to avoid incoming fire. When you get the chance you release your arrow and if you hit a player they are out…but be careful - if they catch your arrow YOU are out !


Full face mask

Although the tips of the arrows are very soft, face protection is important. Our high quality face masks are designed to protect you as well as give excellent vision.

Bow and Arrow
Archery tag mask

We use 22 pound bows that are easy to load but have enough impact to make an exciting game but safe game.


Arrows have large foam tips that absorb the impact when it hits your body -  leaving no marks or bruises.

sunshine coast archery
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