Also known as combat archery or archery tag, dodge ball meets the Hunger Games. In this action-packed adrenaline sport you get all the excitement of paintball without the physical pain.


Our specially designed equipment allows you to shoot soft foam tipped arrows at your friends safely, so you can get on with winning the day!


We start with a short training session so you can get a feel for the bow and hone your shooting skills. 


Then it’s onto the field for the tournament: Two archery teams go head-to-head in an adrenaline-filled tournament experience. You’ll play several short intense games under the management of our fantastic instructors.


The rules are similar to tag or dodgeball in a dog-eat-dog fight to victory:

  • If your arrow connects with an opponent they are out of the game. 

  • If you catch an arrow mid-flight then the bowman is out of the game.

There is limited cover, but if you hide away the opposition can take out your target and claim victory.


So get out there, duck and dodge your way around the hailstorm of arrows, and use your bow skills to become a Comrade Archery legend and win the day!


Maroochydore Tennis Club 

Cnr of Beach Parade and

Fifth Ave Cottontree

196 Bunya Road 

North Arm Queensland

Mountain Creek State High School Sports Centre

Lady Musgrave drive 

Mountain Creek QLD

Rivershore Resort

99 David Low Way, Diddillibah